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frequently asked questions

how do I care for my arrangement?

Use the chopstick enclosed with the arrangement to test the wetness of the soil. Place the chopstick two inches deep into the soil. If the chopstick is wet when removed, there is no need to water. If the chopstick is dry when removed, water the soil thoroughly, being careful not to water on top of any succulents. On average, your arrangement will need water every five to seven days. Place your arrangement in indirect sun inside or outside.

how to water your succulent

Succulents, unlike houseplants, store water in their leaves and only need to be watered when their soil is completely dry. Overwatering is the most common way to kill a succulent. To test whether a succulent needs water, use a wooden chopstick or popsicle stick and insert the stick two inches into the soil. If the stick comes out wet, there is no need to water. If the stick comes out dry, it is time to water. Water the soil thoroughly, being careful not to water on top of any succulents, and check back in five to seven days (less days if it’s hot where the succulent is, more days if it’s cold).       

You can also tell by looking at your succulent if it needs water. If the succulent leaves look wrinkly and not smooth and full, it is time for water. If the succulent leaves look brown and soggy, it’s time to back off the water.  

why did my succulent lose its color?

A colorful succulent gets it color from the sun. Another term for a succulent’s color is “stress.” This refers to the sun stressing the succulent, but in a good way. If you would like to continue to keep the colorfulness of your succulent, you will want to keep your succulent in partial to full sun, around four to six hours of sunlight a day. 

If your succulent was not colorful, but you would like to “stress” the succulent, slowly expose the succulent to more and more sun over a few weeks, being careful not to forget to bring it out of the sun. Placing a succulent that has been in the shade straight into full sun will burn the leaves and possibly kill the succulent.  

Some succulents do not like to be stressed (examples: some haworthia and aloe varieties) and will brown or turn yellowish brown in the sun. If you find your succulent doing this, immediately place the succulent in the shade. Your succulent should regain its green vibrant color in a few weeks.  

how much sun does my succulent need?

This question depends on the type of succulent you purchased. Most succulents need partial sun to full sun while others prefer indirect sunlight or shade. If you are unsure what type of sun your succulent will require, I am happy to provide those details to you before your purchase. If you have already purchased a succulent or succulent arrangement, you will have care instructions included in your package that explain the water and sun requirements for your succulent(s).

how to care for your air plant

To care for your air plant, mist it twice a week with a mister or squirt bottle. Once you have thoroughly misted, lay it upside down for ten to fifteen minutes to allow any water trapped in the plant to drain. There are other methods to care for your air plant, like dunking or soaking your air plant in a sink full of water. These methods are fine as well, but I only recommend dunking/soaking once a month and misting in between those times.  

If you find your air plant is not growing or flowering, try placing your air plant in different areas of your house to see which area suits its needs.  

It is completely normal for the end of your air plants to brown. You may use a pair of scissors to cut off the brown portion of your air plant. The air plant will callous over in that spot.  

I think I killed my succulent

You probably did. And that’s ok. I have killed my fair share of succulents as well. The good news is that most succulents can be nursed back to health or used to propagate another succulent, so you can try your hand at being a plant mom again. Use the contact section of the website to send me a message and I will respond within one to two business days.


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